What if you debut as an IDOL star


Genius entertainer who guarantee of success

9.78% of participants are the same type as you.

#GOT7_Jackson #Kang Daniel

#Mosta X_Minhyeok


You have witty language skill, who will be chosen as the most suitable member for a variety show in your team.

While your humor bursts laughing out, but you never throw comments that make people uncomfortable. What a perfectly harmless and appropriate member for an entertaining show. You can grow as a beloved entertainer thanks to your active, favorable, and caring others` personalities.

You are the type of person who always has to be the first to go, we know you are full of curiosity. Therefore, you can show your active personality in the show without any hesitation. Special talents customized for entertainment, (such as exaggerated reactions, various mimic sounds and hilarious storytelling skill) are always prepared perfectly.

However, since you are a broad-minded person, it is common for you to be mushy and you went through a hard time. I hope you take care of yourself a little more and take time to look back!

Compatibility by type

  • Good

    All-round vocalist with beautiful voice and intelligence See types
  • Bad

    The eldest who is most reliable member See types