What if you debut as an IDOL star


All-round vocalist with beautiful voice and intelligence

3.90% of participants are the same type as you.


#G friend_Eunha



A multi-talented vocalist with the aspect of an all-round talent!

No stereotype and prejudice IDOL! You are a flexible person who can accept new things easily and is good at understanding the situation instantly. You are all fine with Main vocalist, Sub vocalist or Lead vocalist. because you can absorb the ability swiftly no matter what position you are assigned to. In addition, thanks to your excellent improvisation skill, you never get muddled. Fun fact here! You can even get the title [Rare Idol who know how to cope with the unexpected situation on the stage]

Efficiency compared to the effort you put into it is very high, thus “Outclassed genius” is an apt expression for you~! You prefer individual activity than group activity, so your solo activity also would be going smoothly later.

Compatibility by type

  • Good

    Genius entertainer who guarantee of success See types
  • Bad

    Ice breaker and all-round performer See types