What if you debut as an IDOL star


Ice breaker and all-round performer

19.51% of participants are the same type as you.



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You are full of energy all the time and lead the mood vibrantly in your group.

Additionally you are an all-round performer with innate talent, who has no fear of trying new things, because whatever role you are taking, you are good at. What a versatile IDOL! Who can dance, rap, sing, and everything else!

At dawn, you get pretty sentimental, but you`re trying to take advantage of it, vitalize your creativity with bursting ideas. It is pretty common for you to be recommended as a MC or gigglicious member! People sometimes call you a “puppy” to express how adorable you are, because they witnessed you never hiding any feelings that are nice or even disappointed as well.

As you burn your passion too quickly, you tend to get tired of work easily, for that reason you were not able to do one thing responsibly until the end. You can succeed as an all-around performance idol if you fix the shortcomings of doing this and that without consideration.

Compatibility by type

  • Good

    The eldest who is most reliable member See types
  • Bad

    All-round vocalist with beautiful voice and intelligence See types