What if you debut as an IDOL star


Sub rapper who melt the heart of fans with beautiful tone of voice

1.99% of participants are the same type as you.


You, who have a thoughtful personality, are sub-rappers who capture the hearts of fans with sweet emotions!

Members in other positions trust you a lot, because you always faithfully play your role with a strong sense of responsibility. Rather than grumbling, you try to overcome the crisis with strong willpower and decisive personality, such an independent and mature member!

You are the type who values the relationship with other members and be aware of how important friends in different positions are in the team. Thanks to your strong responsibility and planned personality, you also fit well in the role of a leader or the role of actively helping the leader.

But sometimes, because of your perfectionist tendency, You might bump into other members, so mind your languages!

Compatibility by type

  • Good

    A hidden attention seeker! Rising star See types
  • Bad

    Lead Vocalist who are shy at first, but when get closer, their energy is exploding See types