What if you debut as an IDOL star


A hidden attention seeker! Rising star

12.44% of participants are the same type as you.

#Mosta X_ Hyeongwon



#Apink Hayeong

We know you, who are sub-vocalist, are hidden but still need a lot of attention!

People can assume you are very introverted at the first time because of your tender and romantic personality. But they could not deny that you are professional on the stage immersed in the music.

You are so soft-hearted and sensitive which are favorable to express the music with doleful lyric. You also love to lead the performance by sharing the same feelings with members in your group.

You are aware of how to put in the mood and how to react to people speaking, so you’ll be really fit in a variety show. In the very beginning, your introverted personality can bother you a bit, but after short period of adjustment, nobody can beat you up in the show. Don’t forget you are a genius in a variety show, who could be a legend.

Compatibility by type

  • Good

    Sub rapper who melt the heart of fans with beautiful tone of voice See types
  • Bad

    Most popular one who are close to all of the member See types