Marine Life Personality Test

If I become an animal of the sea…

Lionfish with it's silver tongue

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Under the sea

I'm loved by many because of my ability to lighten the mood with my witty jokes.

People tell me I'm a natural leader, but I'm more comfortable as a follower.

I feel sad at the thought that those around me are slowly disappearing as the underwater world is destroyed.

When I'm curious about something, I have to do something, anything about it to satisfy myself.

I care a lot about what others think but I never let it get to me too much.

When I'm chilling..

People usually think my schedule is always full, but in reality I'm more used to spending time alone.

If you ask for my council, I'm all ears to listen to your story.

I enjoy spending time with people who appreciate my existence.

I reminisce every memory, every chance I get so I never forget prescious memories.

When I buy take out, I bring my own container to reduce plastic waste.

When I'm under stress..

Just because I'm smiling doesn't mean that I'm okay.

I have no time to spare for people who don't like me.

It pushes me over the edge when somebody tells me not to act emotionally.

I get depressed when I think of people who throw away garbage in the ocean even though they know that it is wrong.

Under the sea, the reality of the lionfish is...

Too much fishing has led to the decrease of lionfish's predators and now their numbers have skyrocketed.

Because of this ecological imbalance soon it'll be hard also for the lionfishes to survive.

Promise to keep close attention so that government's around the world will designate strong marine protection zones to protect lionfishes.

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