Marine Life Personality Test

If I become an animal of the sea…

Octopus. You'll never make me do stuff I don't want to…

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Do I HAVE to go out..? Do I..?

Under the sea

Sometimes I seem serious even when joking so only a handful of people are able to recognize my jokes.

Because I believe I should love myself before anyone else, I'm full of self esteem.

I believe life was originally meant to be spent in solitude.

If my brain comes up with any questions I research it right away and add the new info somewhere in my stash of knowledge.

You only live once. I wanna try EVERYTHING before I leave this world.

Even though living life in general is annoying, I try to do everything morally expected of me. Such as recycling and consuming reusable products.

When I'm chilling..

I'm a homebody to the bone. It is labor as soon as one leave the house.

I often look up what new features are on OTT services but it never actually leads to me watching the content.

I like to watch cute videos of my favorite animals when relaxing..★ So I feel sad when I encounter stories of endangered animals.

If I make a confession... There are times when I lied that my schedule's full because I didn't want to meet up with my friends.

When I'm under stress..

I don't like lying because it only complicates the situation even more.

I don't like people who mistake my manners as a sign that they can treat me as they want.

I'm seriously capapble of only the smallest reactions… What do you want me to do about it…

I'm annoyed when somebody won't stop going on about the latest gossip.

I want to tell off people who produce junk only for their convenience but I never am able to actually say those stuff.

Under the sea, the reality of the octopus is…

People often use octopus for cooking so even now octopuses are being catched for money.

Promise to keep close attention so that government's around the world will designate strong marine protection zones to protect octopuses.

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