Marine Life Personality Test

If I become an animal of the sea…

Tip and dasher of the sea, sea otter

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Wanna go swimming with me?

Under the sea

I get along well with people who can handle me, but if I feel kinda depressed if you think I'm too much.

Anything you wanna talk about? Be my guest!

I am moved when I see the ocean become clean thanks to the effort of people.

Even though I put off cleaning up after a party, I end up organizing everything eventually..

Doesn't matter if it was intentional or not. I feel proud when I help someone out.

I enjoy living life amongst various companies but at the same time I'm quite independent and need my personal space.

When I'm chilling..

Time and money doesn't matter when I start something that I like.

I want to spend time with people who give me constant attention.

I look for volunteer work at environmental organizations to brighten our world.

I sometimes tell people things that I don't really mean because every realtionship is important.

When I'm under stress..

I'm depressed when I encounter rules and formalities that try to restrict me.

I become sad when it feels like nothing has changed from the day before.

I feel uncomfortable and tired when I feel like I'm putting on a show for everyone else.

I can't go to sleep because the stupid things I said earlier that day comes back to me.

It's in my nature to like people but I don't want to associate with people who litter in the streets.

Under the sea, the reality of the sea otter is...

For a long time sea otters have been hunted for their quality pelt.

Now because of marine pollution their numbers are much less than before.

Promise to keep close attention so that government's around the world will designate strong marine protection zones to protect sea otters.

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